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This page was last updated on: December 8, 2008
Add On Data Manipulation Tool for AsciiDiff

In addition to comparing source code with AsciiDiff, I also use it for comparing data files (for example, 2 copies of remote databases that ought to be synchronized).

I found myself often editing the data inside Asciidiff, for example removing all black (matched) text, then saving the differences to new files. It is easy to use this data to
build SQL statements that resynchronize the tables. I created this additional tool so
I could speed up the process of removing lines of a given colour(s).

This add on program has a single window where you can paste all the text from one half of the AsciiDiff screen. There are four check boxes, one for each possible colour of the text. A button deletes every line whose colour corresponds to a ticked check box. The window contents can then be saved to a new file.

Jan 2, 2002     If you previously tried this program but found it slow to process large
datasets, I have tuned it to run at about twice the previous speed.

Aug 25, 2002   Further refinements and speed boost. Help file revised and expanded.

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